Connecting Today’s Politics to History With Delphic Research


Delphic Research believes that in order to effectively navigate the constantly evolving world of information, those in government affairs must adopt new approaches to obtaining relevant knowledge. With a wealth of experience in both government affairs and government, Delphic Research is committed to using technology to empower their clients and partners through knowledge.

When it comes to parliamentary proceedings and government functioning, few countries can match the complexity and nuance of Canada's system. From the intricate debates and procedures of the House of Commons, to the unique role of the Governor General, there is much to understand about how Canada's government operates. And with so many political parties and diverse regional interests at play, the dynamics of Canadian parliamentary proceedings can be highly nuanced and difficult to predict. It is no wonder that political strategists and marketers alike find the Canadian parliamentary system so captivating - it is truly a study in complexity and nuance.

So, in addition to providing their clients with the knowledge they need to succeed in their mission, Delphic Research also aims to educate the public on civic matters, enabling them to be more informed and aware of the role that government plays in their lives.

To further this goal, Delphic Research has launched The Academy, a visual series that provides an in-depth look at the inner workings of government, regulatory bodies, and the nation as a whole.


Ellum's sound and motion team worked tirelessly to bring Delphic Research's Academy series to life. Working closely with Delphic Research, Ellum conducted extensive research, gathering newspaper articles and crafting engaging scripts. We then brought those ideas to life through detailed storyboarding, conceptual analyses, and brainstorming sessions, working collaboratively with Delphic's members and stakeholders to bring our combined vision to the screen.

During the production process, we took great care to ensure that every shot, frame, and animated sequence was perfectly executed. Our team worked closely with Delphic to bring the series to life, and we were thrilled with the results.

But our work didn't stop there. In order to truly bring Delphic Research's message to a wider audience, we created three customized versions of each video, tailored to different publishing platforms and designed to reach specific audiences. This allowed us to ensure that the series would have the maximum impact possible.

Throughout the entire process, our team at Ellum was committed to creating a cohesive visual language that reflected Delphic Research's mission and enthusiasm. We are proud of the work we have done on the Academy series, and we are excited to continue our efforts on future entries.

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