Authenticity in Advertising: Why It Matters to Gen Z

March 16, 2023

In an era of hyperconnectivity, the generation that truly lives and breathes the digital air is Generation Z (Gen Z). Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z has grown up with the internet at their fingertips and as a result, they can quickly discern between genuine engagement and veiled sales pitches. It's why we at Ellum Media, a full-service creative agency, passionately believe in the power of authentic storytelling.

Understanding Gen Z: The Ellum Approach

We at Ellum Media have our roots firmly planted in the digital age. As a team of young professionals, working on the cutting-edge isn't just our job—it's a part of who we are. We understand that to engage with Gen Z, a brand's authenticity is a crucial factor in determining their trust and loyalty. This generation seeks genuine connections, values transparency, and appreciates brands that stand by their word.

The Quest for Authenticity

Authenticity in advertising is about aligning actions with words. It's about being consistent in upholding brand values and honest in communications. At Ellum, we strive for authenticity in every project we undertake. We understand that Gen Z consumers are less interested in high-gloss, overly edited content. Instead, they are drawn to the raw, unfiltered, and real aspects of a brand's identity.

Building Trust through Authenticity

In our quest to tell impactful stories, we’ve realized that trust is a foundational element in our relationship with audiences. Authenticity fosters this trust. Gen Z is a socially conscious demographic, with a study from the Center for Generational Kinetics showing that the majority of the generation believes being true to one's values and beliefs makes a person cool. We believe that this ethos applies not just to people, but to brands too. That's why at Ellum, every campaign, every piece of content, is designed to reflect our commitment to authenticity.

Ellum's Authentic Approach

How do we ensure authenticity in our projects? It begins with a multidisciplinary approach. We leverage diverse areas of expertise to craft cohesive and effective solutions that resonate with Gen Z.

Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in every facet of our work. Whether it's sustainable business practices, engaging in genuine conversations on social media, or being transparent about our creative process, we ensure that our actions echo our words. This approach allows us to not only tell powerful stories but to tell stories that matter, stories that connect with audiences on a deeper level.


As a full-service creative agency, Ellum sits at the intersection of design, motion, strategy, and development. We understand the value of authenticity in advertising and why it matters so much to Gen Z. In our world, authenticity is not just a buzzword—it's an ethos, a guiding principle that helps us connect brands with the vibrant, diverse, and influential generation of Gen Z.

In a world saturated with advertising noise, authenticity is the key to cutting through the clutter. At Ellum, we believe in the power of authentic stories to inspire, educate, and make a positive impact on the world. It's through this commitment to authentic storytelling that we hope to engage, influence, and make a meaningful connection with the next generation of consumers—Generation Z.

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